Tracking the popularity of Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Jordan Prime Ministry (Bishr Al Khasawneh cabinet).

Is Donald Trump on track to win again? Will the "law & order" slogan help him win, or will Joe Biden steal the show. As a challenge, we added the cabinet of Bishr Al Khasawneh, the prime minister of teh kingdom of Jordan. In a third world country, it is almost impossible to predict the popularity of a public figure.

So how do we make our measurements? Well, NABA360 is a social media reputation management service, it tracks the reputation by analysing the comments made by real people on posts made by the person we track in addition to top news sources such as Fox News, CNN, Washington Post, New York times and The Guardian to mention a few.

We apply our own AI-based algorithms to analyse the content and display the results in a fully automated fashion, no human intervention is made. For months, we compared our charts with those of, the results were amazing, the tolerance is within 1%.

So why make polls and surveys when you can get the same results without the hassle!


If you do not agree with our results, compare NABA360’s results with surveys conducted by Ipsos, Fox, NBC, YouGov, Rasmussen on Project Five Thirty Eight, the accuracy is unprecedented.